Thursday, October 17, 2013

Always be prepared: the bridal emergency kit

The day of the wedding is not the time that you want to discover that you are not prepared for a wardrobe or other emergency. In short, be prepared for all things possible with not only you and your dress, but for the bridal party as a whole.

Some simple preparations will ensure that you will be able to take on any situation. Below are a few items, that as a planner, I found were always great to have on hand. You can also go to Google and search bridal emergency kits which will give you several ideas on what to have in your kit. You can also find websites where you can buy kits pre-made, although it may be more expensive and the kit itself may not be as complete.

You yourself do not need to go shopping for these items nor should you be in charge of these items the day of the wedding; in comes the bridesmaids. Long before the wedding day, place all of these items into a bag and have it at the ready. Give this bag to a trustworthy bridal party member to be in charge of on the big day. A simple suggestion, if you are having your ceremony at the facility where you are getting married, such as a hotel, leave it at the hotel the day of the rehearsal so you know that it will be there the day of the wedding itself.

So grab yourself a back pack and head to the dollar store as nearly everything here can be purchased there and would be the most cost effective approach.

1.       Hair Spray, hair pins, ponytail holder, comb, pick and/or brush, mirror.
2.       Makeup.
3.       Deodorant and perfume.
4.       Tampons and/or sanitary napkins.
5.       Sewing kit complete white and black thread as well as black buttons that match the guy’s tuxedo jackets and white buttons to match their shirts. Too you can include sewing hooks that can be sewn in to fix a bustle if needed.
6.       Scissors.
7.       Hem tape.
8.       Safety pins.
9.       Tums, pain reliever, antihistamine.
10.   Stain remover stick, static cling spray.
11.   A pair of black socks. Many times I experience where a pair of socks for the groomsmen went missing or was forgotten; this will take care of that.
12.   Extra pair of panty hose.
13.   Extra pair of shoes for you. While it is unlikely that the wedding shoes you are wearing will have a heal break, it can happen. I recommend buying an inexpensive pair of shoes that have the same heal height as your wedding shoes so in the event something should occur you have a backup pair. Keep in mind no one will see your feet so the backup pair do not need to be as elaborate as your original selection.
14.   Breathe mints and/or gum. Keep in mind \that all party members should discard the gum before the ceremony begins as you do not want gum chomping captured in the candid photos or video.
15.   A bottle of water and straw(s) so that you can drink without messing up your lipstick
16.   Granola bars. While you are not going to want to eat you must eat even if it is only a fiber or granola bar. Keeping your blood sugar stable is a must.
17.   Tissues.

When I first started wedding planning over a decade ago, this list was very small. Experience with challenges has grown the list over time. There is no doubt if you talk with a former bride she could add something to this list based on her experiences. With that, use this list as some suggestions but put in your emergency kit items you feel are prudent. But whatever you place in your kit just be sure to have a kit as I can assure you it is better to be prepared!

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