Friday, November 1, 2013

Sports Themed Receptions

There are so many different ways to let your personalities shine through. The more obvious ways are in the colors your select, your dress style, and your centerpiece choices and so on. Many people seek out different themes for their wedding such as rustic, nautical or classic. But there are so many different themes that may be a little scary but can be amazing if you do them right.

One example is a sport theme. Does that mean that you need to have little jerseys as your place cards or a football helmet as a cake topper? Certainly not, unless of course you are both die hard fans and wish to do so. You can bring this theme into an elegant event through creativity and planning. For example, since I live in the great city of Pittsburgh, I will use for this example our Steelers NFL team whose colors are black and gold.

To pull in such colors the bridesmaid's dresses can be a elegant little black dress whose flowers are flowers of various gold shades. For the groomsmen, an all black tuxedo with a gold vest will pull in the colors of the girl's flowers. Now for you I would recommend your white dress (or a shade of white) and white flowers. For the groom, all black including the vest. I recommend this look for any bride and groom as it allows for timeless photos as these will most likely be hanging in your home for many years. Dressing to trendy will date the photos very quickly whereas classic black and white is still as elegant today as it was back in the 1964 film My Fair Lady. If you would like to have a splash of color for yourself, go bold and daring with a unique shoe style.

For centerpieces you can mimic the bridesmaids dresses on the tables. Using our previous example, having black linens with gold centerpieces. This could be as simple as a cylinder filled with water dyed yellow with food coloring and floating candles; or simply gold candles as pictured to the left. If your ballroom where the reception is to be held is light and airy feel confident in selecting the black linens; however, if the room is already dark in appearance (dark walls, carpet, lack of windows), you may want to leave the linens white or use gold linens with black accent as seen in the photo on the above right.

For your cake a subtle touch would be to have a trim tastefully done on some of the layers that resembles the treads of a football. Now at first through you may think I am crazy but a talented baker can add this detail to your wedding cake and have it blend into the 'background' in such a way that it is not apparent. On that same token if you really want to go all out but still want a traditional looking wedding cake, have the grooms cake resemble a football or the actual football field of your favorite team. Traditionally, the grooms cake is displayed and consumed at the rehearsal dinner, but having it at the reception on a separate table next to the actual wedding cake would be a great compromise in this case.

CAUTION: I would not use black icing anywhere on the cake for a number of reasons. The two most important: first, your mouth turns black when eating black icing and you will be photographed more on your wedding day than any other time in your life and you will not want black teeth. More important still is your wedding dress. If you get black icing on your dress it can stain and you do not want that stress on the day of your wedding. If you want to have black accents on the cake do this with fondant decorations as these are removed before the cake is cut, plated and served. Or you can use real ribbon around the base of each layer which again will be removed before service.

If you want to keep the main events of the day formal such as the ceremony and the reception, you can always have fun with the cocktail hour, especially with this theme. It is as simple as having a 'tailgate' which can be accomplished by serving food items that you might serve or have while tailgating such as:

  • Turkey, Cheddar, Cherry Tomato Kabobs with Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce
  • Antipasto Skewers
  • Crudités Display with Dips

For your place cards, yes I mentioned above that they do not need to be in the form of a football jersey unless of course that is something that you want. A more elegant way of pulling this off is to have the place cards made to look like the admission ticket to the sporting event. The teams would be your maiden name is your future name. The seat number listed on the ticket would be the table number for which the guest is to be seated. All gaming tickets have the game day listed on it which would of course, would be your wedding date, and so on. If you would prefer to have traditional place cards, you could always use this concept for your save the date cards which would set the tone for everything that will follow.

Along the lines of the escort cards / place card table, you too could use a traditional guest book along with a football or your teams jersey to be signed by guests.

One last suggestion/idea today before I sign off would be to have fun with your grand announcement into the reception. Be announced into the room with your teams fight song playing. Take it a step further and have the groomsmen come in with your teams jersey and/or helmets on.

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